Hijra: Traditional Worshippers Congratulate Muslims, Decry High Cost of Living 

The Traditional Worshipers Association, Oyo State Branch has congratulated Muslims across the world on the celebration of Hijra Day, saying that the day should be used by the Muslim faithfuls to promote unity among themselves and other religion bodies.
In a statement signed by the State Chairman of the association, Surveyor Adefabi Dasola Fadiran and the Secretary, Mogaji Dr. Fakayode Fayemi Fatunde on Saturday, the body called on Nigerians to continue to pray for peace and an end to the current crisis that has turned the North-Eastern Nigeria to a war theater.
The traditionalists said only peaceful coexistence and love for one another, no matter the religion or natural differences would bring back the lost peace in the world and some part of the country.
“We felicitate with our brothers and sisters in Islam on the celebration of Hijra Day, but we should use this day to reflect on the circumstances we have found ourselves in Nigeria, where love and care for others are rare to find anymore.
“People now kidnap, kill and maim all because of money and affluence, leadership is no more by intellectual prowess and distinct qualities that will promote the society, but by crook means, these is the cause of the current situation in our country.
“Look to the North, the South, the East and the West, hunger is written on people’s faces, cost of living has gone beyond the ordinary people of this country, people are hungry but it is just because there is no more love, if we love each other, the leaders will be just, nobody will kidnap or feed his cow on a farmer’s crop, nobody will stand against anyone’s quest to get educated, we need love.”
The traditional worshippers call on their members across the world to continue to treat others with respect and dignity, while they call for equal recognition for all religions in the country.

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