I’m In APC, Have Nothing To Do With Adelabu, Tegbe, South Youth Leader Says 

...publication meant to malign, insult, blackmail, disorganize, cause confutsion in APC

The Youths leader of the Oyo South Senatorial District of the All progressive Congress (APC), Hon.  Ogunbiyi Rasheed Niran on Friday denied the rumour of his hobnobbing with the governorship candidate of the Accord party, Oloye Adebayo Adelabu.
He said he read with amusement, the  recouped, manufactured, falsehood and concocted story published on a online platform (not oyoecho) with the headline”Oyo south APC youth leader and others join Tegbe in PDP.
Ogunbiyi in a statement said; “Allegation/assertion about my personality (Mr Ogunbiyi Rasheed Niran) Oyo south senetorial youth leader of All progressive Congress(APC) is untrue. I read with bewilder amusement, recouped, manufactured, falsehood and concocted story published on Oyo insight newspaper and others on August 11, 2022 with the headline”Oyo south APC youth leader and others join Tegbe in PDP.
“I wouldn’t have bother to debunk this sponsored lie from the pot and premeditated attack on my personality and character which intensions are evil. A cursory look at the publication shows bad motive for the report. This publication meant to malign, insult, blackmail, disorganized, cause confutsion and crisis of confidence between me, leaders and my Loyalistp in our great party (APC).
“The truth of the matter is that on 10th of August, 2022 I had the cause to traveling to Ibadan from igboora and I joined my landlord (Hon. Olaniyan Gbeminiyi) of which is a leader of this same party (APC ) and a call Loyalist of our incoming Governor the distinguish Senator Telim Kolawole Folarin so and as we got to Jericho he told that he want to see Engr. Ologburo I should follow him, on getting there both of them were discussing about their previous cordiality in PDP along the line Dr. Morounkola Thomas and Engr. Tegbe Joseph  joined us and Hon. Olaniyan was introduced to him by invitee and I was also introduced to the same man as Oyo Stete APC youth leader but I instantly corrected him as Oyo South senetorial youth leader. and that is all.
“I therefore state categorically taking into consideration that the attack, character assersination, insult and castigation are to be condemned in totality for all intents and purposes. Therefore those believe this publication (the so call sources) should desist from bad politicking as I normally relate well at my political leaders and the associate in my great party (APC) and do not have any soiled with any other political party and members.
“I want all my political leaders, associate and all members of our great party APC in Ibarapa North/Central Federal consistency and Oyo State in general to debunk this purported publication by the enemy of our party.   All hands must be on deck to unify, galvanized and mobilize ourselves to move forward as one United family in our great party.
“We should not belief in this irreconcilable differences and let’s not play into the hands of these opposition. Ogunbiyi Rasheed Niran Oyo south senetorial youth leader of the All progressive Congress.”

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