Mahdul Kaffi Fetes Missioner, League Of Imams & Alfas, Sheikh Abdul Qadri Akanni

Al Kaffi Institute of Qur’an memorization and Islamic Education has extolled the virtues of its Chancellor, Fadheelatu Sheikh Abdul-Qadri Abdul-Azeez Akanni, describing him as a noble cleric whose love and respect for students is awe-inspiring.


The Mudir of the Institute, Sheikh Nozir Kaffi dispatched the congratulatory message on the occasion of Sheikh Akanni’s birthday.

Relating the stalling qualities of the cleric, Sheikh Kaffi noted that his teacher and mentor who is the Mudir of Mahdul Ta’lim ul Arabee Wa Shari’ee ‘l Islamiyy, Egan, Lagos is one of a few teacher and cleric who is unassuming yet, noble in his dealings with his students and mentees.


“While we were at the Madrassah, our ustaz would consult with us, share ideas with us and seek our opinions. We would eat from the same plate and drink from a cup. He is very down-to-earth yet firm and just in discipline.

“Sheikh Akanni is a father to all. He welcomes all and relates with everyone irrespective of age or status. Such a scholar needs to be celebrated in and outside the classroom walls.” He said.


Praying for a beautiful and prosperous long life, Sheikh Nozir added; “I beseech Allah to continue to bless and enrich him in all goodness, make his deeds pleasing and acceptable and avail us many more years of togetherness, love and progress on the path of Islam.”

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