Olopoeyan Blasts Paper weight Political Appointees Endorsing Makinde For Second Term

A formost leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state, Alhaji Bisi Olopoeyan has advised those political appointees endorsing governor Seyi Makinde for second term to be conscious of their desperation.
He described them as political appointees who are protecting their pots of soup.
Olopoeniyan said politics and winning governorship election in any state is beyond gathering of some political naive politicians in a compound and be endorsing and shouting four plus four.
Olopoeyan in his reaction when asked when will PDP members in Ibadan endorse Makinde for second term. He said, he always laugh anytime he read from internet that some people in an area had endorsed Seyi Makinde for second time.
He said, many of those people endorsing Seyi Makinde are just set of opportunist,  eating from where they did not worked, said they are just trying in all cost to protect their job and sees an endorsing project as a way to cajole Makinde.
Added that, thou, PDP won Oyo state in the last governorship election but, unable do it alone without the help of coalition parties who are now neglected.
“For 2023, we are coming back stronger and better , thou, we won Oyo, but there are some mistakes we made which is affecting the party and members right now, we will come out again with another dimension, different from that of 2019 and am 100% sure we will have an overwhelming victories come 2023, both in Oyo state and southwest even national.
When asked the time Ibadan leaders are going to endorse governor Makinde for 2023 as Oke-Ogun, Oyo and Ogbomoso had done. He said real politicians doesn’t endorse a candidate, that what they do is to return to their drawing board, weight the candidate’s chances of winning another election through how far he has fulfilled his campaign promises and  attitude to the party. Not just you gather paper weight leaders and naive politicians to make an eye service endorsement. ” You have to get your fact right, so as not to follow leg-over, all those endorsing governor Makinde are not key factors, they are only staging their endorsement so as to be on the good book of the governor, thou, I can’t blame them because they doing it against their wish. Many of them got threatening to be sack if they didn’t align with the movement, Olopoeyan added.
” How will you say Oke-Ogun had endorsed a party candidate without the knowledge of our Deputy governor, Alahji Kunmi Mustapha , Baba Jacob Adetoro, Pa Sunday Alabi, Hon. Farinto,  and some PDP leaders in Oke-Ogun ? Some set of people like by Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi and Taiwo Adisa governor’s Spokesman now turn to party leaders in Ogbomoso,  endorsing a candidate for second term without the knowledge of Dr. Saka Balogun, Rt. Hon. Mulikat and others big poloticians, likewise Oyo too, where were all of them when we laboured across the state for the government we are in now ? Did they heard that we endorsed our candidate he emerged ?
 ” Less than two years, they have been endorsing a candidate for another four years, have they considered all other factors  ? Soon many people will still come to show up interest, we can be rigid with our ticket, it should be thrown open to all interested politicians.
“Even governor Alao Akala who did excellently well for the masses and the party did not got his endorsement until his fourth year in Office.
People endorsed Akala in 2011, but not political appointees from secretariat, all leaders and chieftains spoke in one voice, all support Akala because he met the requirement for second term ticket .
Olopoeyan reiterated in his statement that, it is too early to endorse a candidate, as many aspirants are still going to contest for governorship primary, ” Where were those people endorsing Makinde now in 2016, 2017, 2018 even 2019 ? do they heard we endorsed governor Makinde for the first term ? no, we supported him, worked for him tirelessly for primary, he won, then we went for campaign day and night, later did a coalition before  winning the election not gathering of people in our compound and endorsed Makinde for governor.
It worrisome seeing our coalition parties negotiating and heading to APC, we are the ruling party, we are the one that suppose to be negotiating and welcoming other parties, but reverse is the case, the appointees are the one seeing themselves as party leaders endorsing governor Makinde here and there, it must be a joke.

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