We’ll Sustain Ajimobi’s Legacies, Says Florence Ajimobi


The wife of the late immediate past governor of Oyo State, Florence Ajimobi on Saturday declared that the family of the late governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi would sustain the legacies left behind by the late governor.

Mrs. Ajimobi said celebration of Sallah with the Ajimobi’s political dynasty and families across the country was to prove to the world that Ajimobi lives on, despite he is in the grave.

She urged people in the spirit of Sallah to learn how to forgive those who offended them, saying: “life is short.”

The wife of the former governor who stated this when the leadership of the Oyo state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) led by the chairman of the council Ademola Babalola paid him a visit as part of the celebration of the festival appreciated the media and political family of her husband for their support towards the family.

Florence Ajimobi said: “I am crying because I missed him. I missed everything about him. I miss his love, his advice, having him around me, he was my strength. He was my greatest supporter. He thinks I am a strong woman but this time, I tell you I am not a strong woman. He used to give me all the strength I needed, so when I cried, not because he hasn’t achieved much but because I missed so much about him.

“I don’t want to behave like unbeliever because I know nothing happens without God impute. We are all here one day and we are all going back one day. Nobody knows when death is going to come. I believe so much in destiny and I believe my husband time was up. He lived a fulfilled life. What does it profit a man even if he lived up to 90 years and he can’t make heavens? Abiola Ajimobi made heavens and he is at peace with God. That is my greatest consolation. That is my joy. I cried and sad because I missed him.”

Appreciating those supporting the family, she said: “For those of you that are here today, I say thank you from the depth of my heart. On behalf of my children and the entire family, I say thank you. What we are doing here today is to prove to the world that he lives on.

“My husband is not physically here but I know his spirit lives on. This is because to live in the heart of people you love means you live forever. His legacies would continue to be upheld, God helping us and everything he has achieved in Oyo state and Nigeria by extension will forever live on.”

Speaking further on the legacies of her husband, Mrs Ajimobi said: “God will give the family the strength to uphold his legacies and to continue the good work he has done because when I listen to all the good things people has to say about him, I am so pleased to have him as husband. I am proud to be his wife. I am proud to share the best 40 years of my life with him. I know the journey ahead of me is a long one but with God on my side, it is achievable. I know God will sustain us, our family and his political family. Thanks for the love. His political family has been so much supportive and I don’t what we would have done without them. I want to use this opportunity to tell all of them to show love to one another. Life is short. Abiola Ajimobi has gone today, who is next? Nobody knows. It could be anybody. While we are here, lets show love to those we know and love. It is not enough to love them in our heart. Let’s us learn to forgive each and other.”

Mrs Ajimobi also sent a message to this keeping grudges with her husband saying: “Whoever is grudging Abiola Ajimobi, who else do you want to grudge now? The man is dead. That peace you cannot make again. You cannot rectify it. I know whoever is not happy with him will feel that guilt forever because the opportunity to make us with him is gone.

“Let’s us use this opportunity of Sallah to forgive each and other. Let’s also use his death to have a review of our lives. What we are doing wrong and how to correct it. The greatest gift anybody could give himself is to make eternity. What are you going to do after 70 years on earth? Eternity is forever. There is no end to it. My husband lived 70 years but 70 years of fulfilment, impact in many lives, achievements and forever, I will be proud of him. I called him my hero. He is my hero and forever be my hero. For me, he never late and we shall live forever. He is a man I love, cherish and forever be in my heart.

“Once again, I appreciate this visit, because it has gladdened my heart because this is a trying period in my life. But your visit has further strengthened me and the support from his political family which is larger than the family we belong. Seen them around and with the support of the God, I know we are going to scale through. I want to reassure you that you can always count on this family for support. Abiola Ajimobi lives on in our heart and the heart of his political family, Nigerians by extension and for anybody that accept him as somebody that came, saw and conquered. God will spare our lives. I pay that this pandemic will come to an end soon in Oyo state, Nigeria and the whole world by extension,” she said.

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