You Run Govt Of Deceit, Outright Falsehoods, Oyo APC Youths Fire Makinde

A Youth Group within the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State on Monday faulted the claim of the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP) that Labo and Aperin bridges are being done in line with ‘modern specifications’ in terms of quality, scope and dimension.
The APC group, according to a press release by Comrade Adebayo Folorunso said a government being run on deceit; outright falsehoods and misguided statements would only make worse it’s misgovernance and bad leadership before the discerning Ibadan residents and Oyo State people in general.
Last week, a group had alleged that a top government official wired substantial part of the latest World Bank loans to a neighboring bank in Abeokuta, Ogun state in the last two weeks.
But the Agency’s Communication Consultant, IUFMP, Abiodun Adefioye described the allegation as unfounded, saying the Labo bridge being done from the said loan, was criticized for lacking quality and the width needed to make the road motorists and commuters friendly.
The APC youths on Monday said it dispatched sizeable number of its members living in the environment where the bridges were located and they retired with a damming verdict.
According to their findings between Saturday and Sunday, not only were the Labo and Aperin budges scope and dimensions fell short of the modern specifications of similar projects in saner climes, the workers were nowhere to be found, meaning the residents would continue to endure government’s short sightedness and lack of patriotism.
‘Residents said the contractors have been on both projects for close to two years now. Recently they opened the bridge at Labo for use but it was quickly collapsed by the Government because shoddy jobs were done on it.
‘Many people who spoke under anonymity because of fears of being attacked said they were not pleased with the works being done on the aforementioned bridges, stressing that, ‘they fell short of the dimensions people expected because of the growing population with attendants booming commercial and economic activities in the areas.

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