Young Nurse Gruesomely Murdered In Ibadan

A graduate nurse named Omoniyi Boluwatife has reportedly been murdered after the remains of her body was discovered in Ibadan just two days after her graduation.

As gathered, Boluwatife, a graduate from Lead City University, made her way to a night club to mark the celebration of her recent induction.

A concerned woman in the university community was seen lamenting over the cruel murder of the lady.

She said:”We told them to be careful where they would go last night. It is very unfortunate that she has ended her life like that”.

However, her joyful occasion swiftly transformed into a tragic ordeal as she was sadly discovered devoid of life the following morning.

Prior to her ill-fated night out, Boluwatife had bid farewell to her mother, who had travelled from Port Harcourt, Rivers State to join in her celebration.

She was said to have left her mother , who came from Port Harcourt, Rivers State to celebrate with her, at home before heading to the club.

Little did they know that this farewell would mark their final goodbye, shrouded in an unforeseen tragedy.

The viral dissemination of a video capturing her lifeless body has triggered a rapid and widespread reaction among her contemporaries, who collectively grieve the premature passing of this exceptionally talented young nurse

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