Auxillary: Makinde To Make Clarification


The decision of Governor Seyi Makinde to sack Mr. Mukaila Lamidi as the de facto chairman of the Park Management System and the discovery of large arm cache in his (Lamidi) possession by the state police command were enough ground to hold the governor responsible for all the atrocious activities of the controversial figure in the last four years. This is the stand of the All Progressives Congress (APC ) in Oyo state, as contained in a press statement issued by the party on Tuesday.


Recall that Lamidi popularly known as ‘Auxiliary’ was relieved of his appointment as the chairman, disciplinary committee of the Park Management System (PMS) last week.


The party claims that despite Auxillary’s sack, the state government has not been forthcoming on the main reasons for the sack even as Gov. Makinde had on many occasions defended Lamidi on the allegations of perpetrating violent attacks, vandalism and misuse of sophisticated firearms within and outside the state in the last four years.


Oyo APC also emphasized that the latest Mukaila Lamidi saga should not be treated with kid glove by concerned authorities as “the state government needs to collaborate with the State Police Command in setting up a panel of enquiry to look into all illegalities that have been perpetrated by the fugitive, in question, and ensure that not only him but all members of his syndicate and their backers are brought to justice in no time.


“The suggested Panel of Inquiry should have as its chairman, secretary and members diligent, honest and experienced security experts, with a mandate to collate all established cases of rights abuse, murder, vandalism, gun running, extortion, mismanagement of government revenue among others against Lamidi who is now believed to be on the run. About two or three searches conducted on his private residence and hotel facility in Ibadan have yielded the recovery of large arm cache and weapons of mass destruction with which his syndicate has been terrorizing the hapless members of the society with impunity.

“It is on record that the man Lamidi also carried his violent activities to Kogi, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun states as the head of the militant wing of the PDP while the honeymoon between him and Gov. Makinde lasted. He never missed any opportunity to unleash terror on members of the opposition in Oyo state as well as other residents who fell victims of his notoriety innocently. As much as we would not like to do anything prejudicial before the idea of a panel of enquiry is considered by the appropriate authorities, all the victims of Lamidi and his syndicate should be located and compensated by the current PDP government in Oyo state .


“Meanwhile, we are of the opinion that Gov. Makinde should desist from making further attempt to put all the blame on Lamidi since it is obvious the man only acted the scripts handed to him by the power-that-be in the state. It is most disturbing that the same governor who was always available to shield “Auxiliary” from answering for his atrocities can now turn against him even without being remorseful or apologetic for the sins committed against the people. It is safe to say that the governor turned his back at Lamidi after using all sort of subterfuge to remain in office for another term of four years.” APC said.

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