Clerics, Scholars, Others Rain Prayers As Sheikh Kaffi Returns To His Lord

Scholars and clerics from different parts of the country have continued to make intercessory prayers for the late Sheikh Alhaji Abdul-Yekeen Olaniyan Kaffi who died on Thursday June 15, 2023 after a brief illness.

Sheikh Abdul-Qadri Abdul-Azeez Akanni; the proprietor and founder of the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Law for Charitable Organization led other scholars and sheikh in the janazah prayer as well as the complete Quran recitation during the fidau of the 93 years old sage and revered scholar who headed Tijaniyatil Ibrahimiyat Movement of Nigeria (TIMON).

Reminiscing on the profound memories of Sheikh Kaffi, Sheikh Akanni noted that his last trip with the deceased sheikh was to Cotonou, Togo and Ghana where they went to pay a courtesy visit to Sheikh Zul Nurein Zul Qarnain; a devout and respected leader of the Tijanniya sect in Benin Republic and many others in West Africa.

He detailed how the late Sheikh Kaffi was able to scale through the immigration procedures without a passport; a feat he described as astonishing considering the strictness of the custom officers on duty.
“What I want to say is that whenever we got to the borders, I was always with my passport, my teacher; Alhaji Modina had passport too. We were bent on observing protocols but the late Sheikh Kaffi would say ‘meet me ahead’. Wallahi, he would pass through the custom posts and would not be stopped. We got to a point where we took bike, between Lome and Ghana, it was a bushy path where our destination was nearer but we were ordered to take a longer and exhausting route. Again, the late Kaffi said; ‘meet me ahead’. He had no passports but passed through the shorter route unstopped.” He said.

Speaking on the generosity of the late sheikh, he described him as an overwhelming giver, recounting how he (Sheikh Kaffi) had in his luggage sixty-six pairs of brocade guinea sewn into complete ‘agbada’ set and how they were all given out as gifts from Cotonou to Togo and to the border of Ghana.
The cleric concluded by making prayers for the deceased sheikh, his family and the entire Muslim communities.

Earlier, Sheikh Nozir Kaffi; the Khalifa of the deceased had during the jum’at qutbah, lectured on the suddenness of death which gives no room for preparation on the part of its next victim.

He said; “An eighty-five years old scholar once wished to return to his youthful days so he could tell him how aging has completely changed him. That is impossible talk less of the reality of righting our wrongs when death beckons.”

He therefore admonished all to run to repentance and seek the mercy of God before death comes knocking.

While committing the body to the grave, friends and followers spoke glowingly about the deceased Kaffi’s commitment to worship, justice and human right and also of his relentless benevolence which endeared many to him.

The event was replete with the presence of many scholars and clerics like Imam Tesneem Ajakaiye; Chief Imam of Eganland, Sheikh Abayawo, Sheikh Tirimiziyu Anitikaye, Ustaz Idris Al-Fikri Azaetowiy, Sheikh Abdul Wahab Abu Fa’idah, Sheikh Zikrullahi, Ustaz Sa’eed Odunsi, Sheikh Akorede, Sheikh Abdul Rasheed Eesa, Sheikh Akorede amongst others.

In her vote of thanks, the first daughter of the late Sheikh; Mrs Fatima Omolade Kaffi expressed joy and gratitude to Allah for a life well spent in the service of God and mankind lived by her father.

“As saddening as this loss is to myself and the entire family, I am happy to have had a father who prioritized piety and righteousness. And I am awed by the level of support and love shown to the family. I beseech Allah to grant the late Shiekh Kaffi janatul firdaus and grant us all pious children who would continue to be sadaqatul jaariya for us after our end.” She prayed.

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