Ex-Minister: We Deserve To Be In Jail Over How We Served Nigeria

A former minister of works, Ambassador Ibrahim Musa Kazaure, has listed himself among those who ought to be jailed over the manner in which they served the country.
Condemning the set of leaders who governed Nigeria since the birth of democracy, Kazaure accused politicians of sabotaging the country.
He said this on a Radio France International programme.
“Even me talking to you, what we did to Nigeria, we deserve to be jailed,” he said, adding that all politicians that have held sway since 1999 have failed the country.
He said the level of stealing done in Nigeria is on a very high scale and the poor masses have been at the receiving end.
The former Nigerian ambassador to Saudi Arabia further lamented that despite the human and material resources the country is blessed with, it is shameful that no sector can be said to be doing well.
“I used to say, I, Ibrahim Musa Kazaure, we have cheated Nigeria and her poor masses. To tell you the truth, we are all the same. What we did during our time wasn’t what we should have done because some of us got the opportunity and some didn’t.”
“Not (just) this government, all of us have done nothing. If we have done something, Nigeria wouldn’t be the way it is today because we have the money and manpower but see what these small countries have turned to. They have become tourist sites to Nigerian. It’s shameful.
“It is in Nigeria that the education system is still going on strike. Then when are we going to develop? I am not going to occupy any seat in Nigeria even if they will give me for free. Whatever position one will offer.
“I challenge everyone in Nigeria, even the president, go and check. I have spoken the truth. Whoever stole Nigeria’s money should return it. I told Buhari that whoever stole should be arrested, including myself, we should return it if proven,” he said.

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