IBEDC Appeals To Customers To Pay Outstanding Debts  

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc on Monday appealed to the residents under the jurisdiction of the company to pay their bills, saying the tariff was fixed by the some quarters, Engr. Ayodele said only the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).
The company appealed to its esteemed customers with huge outstanding to pay their bills, rather than dwelling on the new tariff.
Addressing journalist in Ibadan on Monday, the Chief Operating Officer of the Company (COO), Engr. John Ayodele said IBEDC said the company would embark on a mass disconnection exercise, because of payment apathy by customers, which he said is adversely affecting quality service delivery.
“We are retooling our revenue drive strategy to ensure that the monies that have been left uncollected through huge debts, non-payment of bills, underpayment of bills, meter bye-passing, use of illicit meters and energy theft are raked in to enable us to meet our obligations to the customers and the market operators.”
He further said there has been a major drop in the electricity generated across the country that has invariably caused the reduced power supply to our valued customers.
He said this drop in generation from the GENCOs is also traceable to their inability to pay for gas, which is denominated in dollars.
He said; “When customers do not pay for electricity consumed, it has a ripple effect, as we cannot service the electricity value chain.
“The COO however urged customers with disputed bills to lodge their complaints at the nearest IBEDC Office to seek redress or adjustments in cases where the claims are genuine and verifiable. Furthermore, he pleaded with customers to obtain their meters under the Meter Asset Provider Scheme (MAP) to put a stop to disputes over billing.
 “The meters will record your accurate consumption, so please apply for a pre-paid meter if you are unmetered, if your meters are obsolete or faulty; and if you have a new building.  Visit any IBEDC office in your location or go online to apply for the meters on msms.ibedc.com or www.ibedc.com” he said.
He also explained that customers who purchase meters under the MAP scheme will get their monies back in due course through energy units. On the issue of tariff rates that have generated arguments in some quarters, Engr. Ayodele said only the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has the power to determine what customers should pay for electricity based on their hours of supply.

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