Inheritance: 29-Year-Old Petitions IG Over Threat To Life


Kolawole Adeoye, a 29 year old son of Late Mr. Gbolagade Adeoye has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun through the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Adebola Hamzat over an alleged threat to his life by his uncle, Mr. Ajayi Adeoye.

According to Kolawole, the uncle who is an immediate brother of his deceased father has been on his trail since November 2022 when he lost his parents in a ghastly motor accident along Ife/Ibadan expressway.

The petition dated February 12th, 2024, was titled, ‘Re: Plea For Immediate arrest of Mr. Ajayi Adeoye over incessant threat to Mr. Kolawole Adeoye’s Life’.


In the petition, Kolawole Adeoye claimed that the estate and properties of his late parents; Chief Gbolagade Adeoye and Mrs Ramotu Adeoye who had willed everything to him five months before their death is the reason for his uncle’s several attempts on his life.


He said, “ My parents had willed their estates and wealth to me five months before they passed on. I was there together with the family lawyer from Akanni & Co Legal Practitioners. They did not hide anything from me. But my uncle would not believe that, he has been disturbing the whole family that we needed to redistribute my parents’ wealth and make him a major benefactor because he says he is in the best position to takeover his late brother’s possessions.


“ The family had tried placating him and our lawyers and legal advisors have mediated, all to no avail. Then I decided to take a legal recourse in July 2023 and we had the first hearing in September 2023.


“Since then, it has been a tug of war as I receive on a daily basis, death threats as messages while many elders and friends of the family have tried to discourage me from continuing the court proceeding. Even my aged grandparents say that they are scared for my life because they know Uncle Ajayi to be a goal getter.


“ However, Uncle Ajayi’s agents and cohorts have been after my life since that first hearing. I have escaped three assassination attempts and just last week, a Toyota Hilux with two masked men waylaid me on my way from work. This was around Adeoyo area at around 07.00 pm. I frantically opened my car door and ran as far as I could but one of my assailants threw a jack knife at me when they could not catch up with me. It caught me on the head and I was bleeding. Then a police patrol vehicle was on a routine errand and sighting it, they fled. That was how I was saved. I have been so traumatized and emotionally unstable since then.


“ I have been in hiding since the last assassination attempt. I am scared to go to work.”


The embattled man said that although he had severally reported the man to the police station , he has been evading arrests and saying that the police cannot apprehend him.


He added that his uncle had also failed to appear in court for the second sitting and this is affecting the prosecution process since his whereabouts is unknown.


When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer; Ben Aighore confirmed that investigations are still ongoing on the case.
















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