Makinde Applauds Administration On APC’s Victory In Rerun Election

Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde has described the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the just concluded bye election in Saki West State Constituency as a testament to his administration’s transformation of Oyo State in terms of politics and governance.

Recall that Ibrahim Shittu of APC defeated his Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) counterpart, Julius Femi in the rerun election on Saturday.

Making reference to the development, the governor described the ruling PDP’s loss as a deviation from the norm, saying that the result showed that he had moved Oyo State away from the politics of violence and win-at-all-costs syndrome, which used to be the order of the day before he assumed office in 2019.

He said: “We are just coming from a by-election, which we lost three days ago. First, it is a demonstration that, in Oyo State, we have moved away from the politics of brigandage and getting results at all costs because we allow the will of the people to prevail.
“But we are proud that it is our state and we are not doing anything to jeopardise the peace, progress, and development of our state.”
 has inaugurated the 9-member Oyo State Elders’ Council, calling on its members to provide his administration with robust suggestions and feedback from across the state.
The governor said this while inaugurating the newly constituted 9-member Oyo State Elders Council at the Governor’s office, Agodi, Ibadan.
He, however, noted that the government is aware that there is still room for improvement and would stop at nothing to ensure that residents of the state get the best of service.
Addressing the council members, Makinde said, “We did our best on the four pillars of our administration during the first term. We have some areas which we need to improve upon and the Elders’ Council will provide the platform to look at those areas where we need improvement and come up with suggestions.
“Let me commit that every other month, I will be having a scheduled meeting with the Elders’ Council so that you can contribute, and for us to have a remarkable difference from how we operated in the first term.”

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