Odidiomo Leads Charge on National Digital Economy and e-Governance Bill

The National Assembly has taken a significant step towards transforming Nigeria’s digital economy with the introduction of the National Digital Economy and e-Governance Bill. The bill, which has undergone its first reading, aims to provide a legal framework for the development and regulation of the digital economy.


Speaking at a stakeholder engagement roundtable in Abuja, Hon. Adedeji Dhikrullahi Olajide, Chairman of the House Committee on Digital and Information Technology, emphasized the importance of collaboration and stakeholders engagement in shaping the legislation.

The bill seeks to establish a regulatory framework for the digital economy, promote digital literacy and skills development, enhance cybersecurity, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. It also includes provisions for the establishment of a Digital Economy Council, Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, Digital Skills Training Program, Cybersecurity Fund, and Digital Innovation Grant.


The implementation of e-governance solutions will enhance transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in government, while technology will be deployed to combat corruption and improve the operations of anti-corruption agencies.


Stakeholders at the event praised the initiative, calling it a “game-changer” for Nigeria’s digital economy. The bill has the potential to unlock Nigeria’s digital potential, create new opportunities for economic growth, and improve the lives of citizens.


The National Assembly is committed to engaging with international organizations, industry experts, and other stakeholders to ensure that the bill reflects global best practices in digital economy regulation.


The bill is expected to undergo its second reading soon, after which it will be sent to a committee for further review. If passed, the bill will be a significant milestone in Nigeria’s quest to transform its digital economy and promote economic growth.

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