US Confers Renowned Peace Ambassador with Lifetime Achievement Award


In recognition of his contributions to global peace, the United States of America has conferred the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Ambassador Dr. Jonathan Ojadah.


Dr. Ojadah, who serves as the Global President of the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council (UNIPGC) and the International Royal Diplomatic Club of the United Nations (IRDCUN), was honored for his dedication to promoting peace and governance worldwide.


The award was conferred in a letter personally signed by American President Joe Biden, who praised Dr. Ojadah’s “legendary” contributions to American society. The President highlighted the ambassador’s selfless service, noting that his volunteer work has helped discover and deliver solutions to challenges faced by the nation.


President Biden emphasized the importance of individuals like Dr. Ojadah who combine optimism with resilience to turn vision into reality. He encouraged the ambassador to continue his service, stating that the country is counting on him.


The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Dr. Ojadah’s 499 hours of service to the nation, demonstrating his commitment to the public good. This honor is a testament to his tireless efforts to promote peace, governance, and community service.


Dr. Ojadah’s achievements serve as an inspiration to others, and his continued service is crucial to forming a more perfect union.

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