Covid 19: Oyo State PSN Warns Against Dropping Precautionary Measures

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) on Sunday described community transmission of Covid-19 as the peak of the challenges that the nation is facing
with most patients now engaging in differential diagnosis.
The development, according to the newly elected chairman of the PSN in Oyo State  Rasheed Ayinde who paid an unscheduled visit to the Oyo state Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), had made the sale of anti-malaria drugs to soar.
According to Ayinde who commended the efforts of the past leadership of PSN under Mr. AbiodunAjibade for lifting the image of the Association, said:, “currently, the sale of anti-malaria have soared with most patients presenting with fever, cough, body pains, lack of appetite, poor sleep and the rest of them.
“Doing differential diagnosis, it is quite possible that many of these patients are incubating coronavirus.
“With the cluster of families around community pharmacy workforce, a new dimension to the spread of coronavirus is revealed.
“The need to enforce the use of face mask and other precautionary measures still remain the hallmark to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Most patients are not complying since government too is also not putting measures in place to enhance adherence.
“For us to tame the community spread of Covid-19, government misut6put a lot of attention on the safety of pharmacists in the community, provide enabling environment for their services without undue taxation as being currently done, provides working relationship with Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Ministry of Health.
“The need to map community pharmacies and bring them on board for remote and community oversight on patients on self isolation providing them supplements that could aid their immune system to fight Covid-19 is very crucial now.
“Pharmacists are frontline healthcare practitioners and should be recognised of want to have a holistic combat against Covid-19,” Ayinde added.

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