Firm petitions IGP, Police commission, Oyo govt, others over attack on property

…I Paid N19million to purchase the property-Igboho

An Ibadan-based company, Danji group of companies has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, the Police Service Commission (PSC), the Oyo state government and other organizations over attack on his filling station located along Akala Express road, new garage, Ibadan.

Oyoecho33 reports that the company decried passiveness and weakness of the police in upholding its civil duty of ensuring law and order over the activity of thugs on the company’s rightful property.

The Public Relations Officer of Danji Group of companies, Barrister Olawale Ojoge Daniel who addressed a press conference in Ibadan on Tuesday expressd grief of the company. He claimed that the company is aggrieved over a property it purchased in May 2018 as he allegedly said one Mr. Sunday Igbhoho has made it difficult for the company to proceed with construction on the landed property.

According to Ojoge, Igbhoho who has no backing document claims to own the property and has ordered his his loyalists and police to ensure that no progressive activity is carried out on the property. The companies worker has since then been facing serious confrontations from the thugs. He further said workers have their instruments seized and suffered physical assaults.

He explained further that his company carried out proper investigations before purchasing the property to ensure a legal ground to which it has the necessary documents which affirms its full right to the property.

Ojoge said attempts to arrest Igbhoho has been futile as the latter has proven to above the law while the police treats him with much reverence and becomes frightened at the sight of his thugs.

He said “He has been beating up our workers. Eight policemen were deployed to the site our company bought and thugs beat them up.

“The Area command sent about 50 policemen, mobilized about 12 patrol vana, fully packed. Igboho just made a call to the CP, when he got to the scene, his boys started beating everybody. The police away.

“He humiliated the police. The company notified Zone 2 Lagos, and policemen were deployed to the scene.

“The policemen from Lagos were successful a bit, but Igboho was nowhere to be found. However, they apprehended those they saw.”
He however said he heard Igboho had made initial arrangement with the former land owner but didn’t complete payment before Danji group of companies made full payment and attempts were made by the former owner to return Igboho’s part payment which he said he refused.

The company decry the inability of the police to properly address the issue and calls on the public to join forces in fighting crime and hooliganism in the society.

In a swift reaction, Igboho told oyoecho33 that he paid the sum of N19million for purchase of the filling station.

He said; “I paid N19million to the owner of the property n about two years ago. The man that claimed he is the owner of the land said he paid in about three months ago. The owner of the filling station is of dubious character for selling it for another person. When I discovered this, I had to stop them from working m the site.

“Though they called me that they wanted to refund the money but I said I cannot be part of such a deal because I have paid N19million for the property. When police invited us, I supply all the documents for the purchase of the land while they could not produce any document. That was why police allowed me to bail those who were arrested. The case is still in court and I don’t want to comment much on it.”

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