Learn Decent Politics Rather Than Embarrassing Your Gov, Atiku Victory Vanguard Charges Makinde’s Aides 

Learn To Play Decent Politics Rather Than Embarrassing Makinde — Atiku Victory Vanguard Charges Governor’s Aides
When human beings can no longer be rational in their behaviour and reasoning due to self-induced frustration, they naturally resort to bestial behaviours, Atiku Victory Vanguard has said.
The group describe attitude exhibited by a faceless group that goes by the name ‘National Equity Group’ in their  inglorious attack on the respected leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state, Elder Wole Oyelese, a former Minister of Power and Steel as unfair.
In a statement on Tuesday by Atiku Victory Vanguard (AVV), it was stated that instead of addressing the issue on ground which has to do with the unwarranted and bare faced denial of hard facts by one of the overzealous and slavish aides of the governor, they went to town using uncouth language against the person of the party’s great leader, Dr Oyelese.
The group further stated that rather than calling the erring aide to order to stop embarrassing the governor with defenses that cannot hold water, the faceless group went into irrelevant issue very much at variance with the main matter.
According to Atiku Victory Vanguard, “Ordinarily, we would have ignored them as they deserved, but, we saw the need to correct the lies which they have deliberately sold to the reading public in order to set the record straight.
“This faceless group tried to smear our leader’s name with matter of money. We challenge anyone who has hard evidence that Elder Oyelese ever solicited for fund or has ever compromised on financial matters to come out and say so. We believe that for a Nigerian who held public office at the federal level for over five years to leave office with his reputation untarnished is a thing to be applauded.
“This feat we believe speaks volumes as to the intergrity of this man of God. It is therefore a thing of shame that some faceless individuals who cannot appreciate and do not have values would be falsely accusing this role model. ‘We believe you people need to have  a few lessons in decent behaviour’  the group advised.
“It is intriguing that this devilish individuals would be dragging the name of our respected baba, Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Adedibu of blessed memory into a matter that does not involve him even by the longest stretch of the imagination.
“For whatever it is worth, let us state that there was never a time that Baba and our leader had any disagreement that may warrant ‘dealing’ with each other.  Many well meaning individuals and baba’s family members can testify to this. They had the best of relationships of father and son.  May baba’s wonderful soul continue to rest in peace.
Now leaving the deliberate distraction aside, our original question still comes as to the position of Governor Seyi Makinde to Alhjaji Atiku’s presidential ambition.
“We sincerely believe that when our Principal said that many people who do not mean well for Governor Makinde currently surround him, Elder Oyelese knew what he was saying.”
“People who make up this fake and faceless group surely know how to make enemies for the governor.”
“The third instance of this group  deliberately misleading the public has to do with their suggestion that Seyi Makinde nominated our leader for election into political office. This is the height of insult to the political  status of our leader.
“For your information, it was some decent politicians like Mallam Muili Yusuf of Ido Local Government and the very first elected Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state, Chief Michael Adegbite from Iwajowa Local Government  who are still alive that  came  to plead with  him to come and lead their group that was then sponsoring Seyi.
“Much as we do not want to say it, the truth is that, it was Seyi Makinde himself that came to our Leader’s house later to plead with him to be his political mentor. We make bold to say that Governor Seyi Makinde is our leader’s political son whom he still  loves.
“We sincerely hope that Governor Seyi Makinde will call this faceless, rude and indecent individuals to order for the sake of peace in our great party.
“Finally, we expect people who will be speaking  in defence of the governor to be sharp-witted individuals and not nit-wits as we are currently witnessing”.

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