Nigerian Scientists Invent Alternative Social Media Platform

A team of Nigerian scientists, with Oyekunle Adetoba been the team lead has developed alternative social media platforms to compete favorably with existing platforms.
The platform which has a strong network in, Asia, USA and other Africa countries also has features for chatting, image and video posting,community echoing, audio and video call, live streaming, advertisement, and other important features.
Speaking with reporters in Ibadan on Friday, the inventor team lead of the platform, Oyekunle Adetoba said the App can be downloaded on playstore, adding that Nigerians can invest in the application for a greater good and shared prosperity.
He advised Nigerian Government to support the dream so we can generate more IGR for the country, create more employment opportunities and enable the growth and development of more businesses through the social media.
“This platform was created to link family and friends across the world. We have our Unique Selling Point which no platform has achieved. By the time people get to register for, they won’t have a choice than to opt out of the other platforms.
“I want to urge Nigerians and most especially the Nigerian Government to invest in this platform for these reasons; to increase IGR for the country, create employment opportunities, enable the growth and development of businesses, contribute to social responsibilities using the community echoing approach and to boost our image globally.”

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