Man weeps over sexual starvation as court dissolves 11 year-old union in Ibadan

There was a mild-drama at an Oja Oba customary court, sitting in Mapo area of Ibadan on Friday as one Kolawole Dagunduro broke down in tears over sexual starvation and threat to life by his wife, Idayat Dagunro.

Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan has dissolved the 11 year-old marriage.

Odunade held that it was important for parents to give their children proper upbringing in order to make them good husbands and wives in future.

“In the interest of peaceful living, the union between Idayat and Kolawole has ceased to be.

“Custody of the two children produced by the union is awarded to Kolawole,” the Arbitrator said.

Earlier on, Kolawole who lived at Apata area of Ibadan had explained that his wife might kill him if the court refused to separate them through her numerous dangerous steps towards him.

“If I had known that my marriage to Idayat in 2007 would be full of sorrow, anguish and trauma, maybe I would have had a rethink or choose not to marry at all.

“As soon as we had our first child, Idayat began to give me pains and displeasure.

“She began to rain curses on me on daily basis, in addition to been disrespectful to my relatives.

“In fact, Idayat usually attack me in public, tear off my clothes and naked me.

“As if those are not enough, she used to prevent me from entering my own house and I have had to sleep at the door on several occasions.

“Consequently, Idayat started starving me of sex and since December last year, she hasn’t allowed me to perform my conjugal rite.

“To further threaten my life, she got me arrested by the police who on finding out her problem blamed and advised her on the need to turn a new leaf.

“At some points, Idayat started staying till 11 pm before returning home without caring for the children.

“My lord, despite my effort at giving our children good education, Idayat has been spending the children’s school fees on her personal project.

“I recently found out that over N61,000 meant for their education is being owed and the children have been stopped from going to school.

“I had run away for my dare life on several occasions because she had made it known to me that she no longer love me and that anything could happen if we don’t stop living together,” Kolawole wept.

The respondent who consented to the suit however, denied some of the issues raised against her.

Idayat who earned her livelihood as a secretariat worker argued that her husband’s aunts and other relatives were responsible for misadventure.

“My lord, I did not starve Kolawole of sexual intercourse because I allowed him access to me six times between December 2017 and last month when he left home.

“His aunts who advised him to file divorce suit against me have rendered him impotent because he can no longer act like a man.

“Despite my numerous effort at caressing his manhood, Kolawole has stopped responding to my sexual advances.

“He has never been responsible since we got married and it even manifested when we had our first child due to his inability to pay the hospital bill.

“On one of the encounters I had with his aunt, she slapped me and I wrestled with her.

“Please, I don’t want Kolawole to take custody of the children because he is too busy,” Idayat stated.

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