Oyo Debt: Ajimobi Incured N70b In 8-years, Makinde Over N200b In Less Than 4-years – Sharafadeen Alli

The All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for Oyo South Senatorial District, Barrister Sarafadeen Abiodun Alli  has disclosed that the present administration of Engr. Seyi Makinde has destroyed the economy of the pacesetter state thereby making it to be totally indebted .
He disclosed this while featuring on   YS live with Yemi Sonde at Yes 101.7 Fm Ibadan.
He stated that he had served in various positions and contested for senate and governorship positions in the state which made him a force to be reconed with as far as politics is concerned in the state.
He however disclosed how he alongside some political bigwigs in the state formed the coalition to enthroned governor Seyi Makinde before he became hostile to all the people that helped him to become the governor.
“We never knew that the governor will become an emperor because our initial intention was to support him so that we could all gather the experience to move the state forward but everybody can see what he had become” Alli said.
He further said; “I have served as Chief of Staff, Secretary to the state government. I pray to God to help me  for the Senatorial position so that I can be able to serve my people in Oyo South.”
Barrister Alli while answering questions in the programme hinted that he had advised the governor on several occasions but; “he did not listen to all the advise, we met severally mostly at nights to distributes positions among the coalition but the governor disregarded it .
“I did not lobby for any position but what we said was that he should accommodate some of our followers who reposed their trusts in us but he failed to fulfill the gentleman’s agreement. God has been faithful to me over the years in Oyo state.
We have called their attention but at the beginning of this current administration, we had noticed some trends and this decided to reframe from giving advises.”
He insisted that in this forth coming election, PDP might not emerge for the second term, APC would win the Oyo state gubernatorial election in 2023, and the APC candidate which is Senator  Teslim Folarin has the capability and credibility to make Oyo state great, he is a great politician than others, he won senatorial election thrice in Oyo state. People benefitted from him while he was a senator. You need the Federal Capital Territory(Abuja) if you’re contesting as a governor.  Whether we like it or not, late senator Abiola Ajimobi has made great impacts on roads and infrastructures., Rasheed Ladoja’s tenure was the best in Oyo state. Senator Abiola Ajimobi brought the benefits because of the leading party at the federal level then.
 Alli further disclosed that the intervention funds were being shared among themselves, while other benefits were restricted from outsiders. But today, Governor Seyi Makinde is trying his best., But we are dwelling in debts in Oyo state. The current administration has been in total debts compared to Ajimobi’s two terms.
Sarafadeen Alli stressed further that any emergency meeting conducted by the house of Assembly were based on loans.
It was seventy billion naira before, but now,  it is between two hundred and fifty billion naira to three hundred billion naira, for three and half years. It’s not hidden,
Oyo state is in total debts.
Speaking about the loans the  government took  for Eruwa and Akufo projects,  oyo state senatorial district is my motive, you can invite Teslim Folarin to get better facts from him, Sarafadeen said.
As, Oyo South senatorial candidate,
I give thanks to God, because I have tried in Oyo state, you can also relate with what you have read about me in my achievements so far in Oyo state.  I had enough experiences than other contestants, it is not by my power but God.
Alli who reinstated that he can not negotiate the ticked given to him by the APC said that other contestants from the other parties were his younger brothers formally in the same party may come after him because it is the survival of the fittest.
On Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Sarafadeen Alli said We should appreciate the northern governors because of their support to Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be the next president of Nigeria in 2023 . They are willing to know the count of votes from North West, north east, and south west for Bola Ahmed Tinubu. They also supported chief Olusegun Obasanjo then while the south west neglected him, the northerners benefitted from Obasanjo’s first tenure but now we are bringing the benefits to South west . If we all support Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria will be great again, because presently Nigeria economy is bad.
President Muhammadu Buhari moved a train station from Daura to Marandi, if we can do ours from Benin republic no one would question our authority.
“we are ready to adjust Nigerian  constitution that is, constitutional amendments to see the betterment of our dear country, the bill has been passed to the House of Assembly, but nothing was done about it. There should be public sitting on our needs in different states, many governors feasted on the local government funds, if we can revisit and plan the Constitution, the local government would be more relevant and powerful. We have to adopt the third tier of government.
We shall also discuss VAT and IGR. Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state carried the most VAT in Nigeria, there is nothing special if we could get VAT devolution.
Sarafadeen said if elected , Tinubu will not let the people down because his plans for Nigerians are very good especially the masses. Tinubu did not get any contracts from current administration at the federal level, that was why he said it clearly on air “e gbe kini yi wa, emilokan”. APC members are considerate when it comes to one voice while Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the speaker for APC as the APC presidential candidate. We shall also bring the federal benefits to our senatorial district.
Take for instance, Ibarapa is blessed with farming, in which farmers in that area would have access to farming equipments.
There is no adequate securities at Ibarapa, I will try my best to support my colleagues  who in the house of representative and also my brother senator Kola Balogun over their efforts on securities at Ibarapa.
The governors should put more efforts by getting quality ammunition for the amotekuns, there should be state police so that the amotekun should be merged with the state police , traffic wardens which was created in 1977,are more advanced than before.
There’s an electricity issues at Ibarapa after igboora to igangan  the exclusive list in the Constitution caused the electricity issues. Government should focus on the basic needs not the unnecessary needs.
As long as there is money, people can go to any length to satisfy their tastes. Electricity has been a menace to most companies in Nigeria in which the owners relocated to Ghana to improve on their products.
Skills acquisition is also important in the lives of our youths. We have to engage the youths in different forms. Senator Teslim Folarin brought a skill acquisition to University of Ibadan. There is also a training going on in IAR&T at Moore plantation Ibadan.
Tourism, sports and entertainments also generates money. So in this course, we have to encourage our youths to participate in different skills. We need to catch them young, some skills acquisition attracts foreign exchange, we shall give more support on education and infrastructures. We campaigned with Wells than when I was campaigning for council chairman, even some areas referred to them as sarafa’s well(konga sarafa) presently, we are far beyond boreholes.
Barrister Alli said  a politician like him  do not have reasons to lie.
Tinubu has laid good foundations on APC that’s why people are looking up to him as the incoming president of Nigeria, I can also say president Buhari also tried his best when it comes to infrastructures. for instance, Lagos/Ibadan express way, it started during Jonathan’s regime but now it has been completed by this current administration. It’s quite a pity that we could not afford to get quality ammunition.
 “There are no more Boko Haram, we just have to put more efforts in conquering the bandits. Millions of people benefitted from Npower, traders money. It should not be one sided, we must all enjoy the mineral resources of our country, it’s not meant for northerners alone.
 Abiodun Alli said, he will ensure that lots of people  easily have access to jobs across the country.
I had the opportunity to employ many people when I was local government chairman then. Today, they are director of administrations and supply, director of works, and also director of finance and accounts.
We shall also fulfil our promises and ask what we have done so far out of the promises we made on air. We shall score more than pass mark, if not excellence by the special grace of god, Sarafadeen Alli said.

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