Handkerchief Messi Used To Clean His Face During Barca Farewell Up For Sale For $1m, N412m

An anonymous user on the Argentinian website Mercado Libre has put up for sale the handkerchief that they claim Leo Messi used during his farewell speech at Barcelona.
An international online blogger, tribuna online reports that the piece is priced at $1m, with free delivery across Argentina.
In the description of the product, it is specified that the handkerchief contains Leo’s genetic material in the snot and it could be used in the future to clone him. They also describe the product as “wrinkled but in good condition”.
The seller also provides images of the handkerchief, one of which is rather nauseating, to put it mildly.
Leo started crying even before the start of his press conference at Camp Nou, and his wife Antonella handed him a napkin.
In case you have $1m to spare and want to spend it on a used handkerchief, we would recommend you don’t. There might be snot in that handkerchief, but it’s unlikely to be Messi’s.

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